The group is opened to all the shareholders that has lost more than 40% of their inversion when they bought shares in view of a piece if information that now we know it was false. The affected can write through or call  91 426 40 50

AEMEC has instructed the Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo law firm to study the possible legal proceedings all civil, criminal or administrative process. The law firm specialized in the shareholders defense, has created a team formed by professors and finance lawyers.

The first step taken by AEMEC has been to request the Spanish Bank to submit copies of the different reports that the Supervision General Direction drafted or was supposed to draft, about the solvency and about the financial situation of Cajamadrid y Bancaja before the merger and the one that had to draft because of that merger.

AEMEC thinks that the transparency and responsibility are the two main principles in view of the crisis that Bankia case has produced, and they hope that the Spanish Bank will take into account such important  principles for the financial and banking environments. In order to prove so, the Spanish Bank is required to provide all the reports about the Bankia operation or to publish them with the appropriate diffusion according to the importance of the case. In the event of not receiving those reports or them not being published, AEMEC will request an investigation of the responsible, regulators and supervisors acts.