Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

The Corporate Law and Corporate Governance Area of ​​Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo has a team of lawyers specialized in the provision of legal services to companies of all kinds in the following operations:

  • Incorporation, operation and functioning of companies during social life (statutory amendments, advice to the administrative and executive bodies, convening and holding meetings of partners and shareholders, internal regulations and record keeping, among others)
  • Advice on the organization of General Shareholders' Meetings
  • Secretariats of the Board of Directors
  • Corporate restructuring and structural modifications increases and reductions of capital, dissolution and liquidation
  • Para-corporate agreements
  • Appointment, dismissal and liability of administrators
  • Assistance and representation of associations of minority shareholders
  • Compliance with regulations on transparency, good governance and information rights of shareholders and investors
  • Information on the websites of listed companies
  • Involvement and drafting of internal good governance policies

In this sense, our firm has a recognized prestige among associations of minority shareholders such as AEMEC (Association of Minority Shareholders of Listed Companies), to which it provides advisory services, representation and relationship with the Boards of Directors of the different companies and with the sector’s Regulators.

Our Firm has extensive experience in Corporate Governance, where advice is given to listed companies to comply with both the legislation and the recommendations of the Code of Good Corporate Governance. The Corporate and Corporate Governance team offers comprehensive, general and strategic advice to the Boards of Directors of listed companies and the various committees that comprise them, so that they respect applicable regulations and corporate governance rules regarding remuneration, relationship with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and other regulatory agencies; as well as in the drafting of the Regulations of the Board and the Council, of the internal codes of good conduct and of corporate governance reports.