Family Business

The majority of companies in Spain are what is known as "family business". These companies, when addressing their legal and family problems, require a capacity for global analysis, which allows the company-family binomial to be combined, in the best way possible.

Within family businesses, "family assets” usually coexist in parallel with the business organization, but both have different management principles (protection, profitability, diversification) which require a specific and specialized approach in their advice and problem-solving.

One of the main crisis and the reasons why this type of companies is disappearing is the generation replacement. Therefore, an important part of our services is focused on trying that this moment does not only not harm the business but it also strengthens the company.

Our services include the following:

  • Partner agreements and family protocols: design, negotiation, drafting, execution, and follow-up.
  • Corporate governance in the family business (family councils, board secretariats, internal rules of good governance, etc.).
  • Corporate reorganizations originated from family agreements (separation of partners process, structural modifications, etc.).
  • Division of family and company assets.
  • Professionalization of the family business.
  • Inheritance planning and generation replacement.
  • Will provisions and marital contract.
  • Family assets reorganization.
  • Family assets investment planning(financing, vehicles, and execution).
  • Conflict resolution: Mediation between family-business.