Neglect Abuse and Criminal Injury Claims

Neglect, abuse and criminal injuries can all have serious and long-lasting effects; not only on those directly affected, but also on families and loved ones.

Victims of violent crime may suffer, as well as serious bodily injury, a serious and unforeseen change in their life, measurable in economic terms, which may include loss of income and the need to meet extraordinary expenses.

If the crime results in the death of the victim, the dependents of the deceased are forced into situations of economic hardship, often severe.

The Law 35/1995 of 11 December for aid and assistance to victims of violent crime and sexual offenses regulates, on the one hand, the financial assistance to victims of violent crime and, moreover, the general assistance to victims of all crimes committed in Spain.

The offenses likely to generate financial support will be those that result in death, serious injury or serious damage to the physical or mental health of the victim. With regard to the severity of injury or damage to health, the Law refers to scales set in the Spanish Social Security legislation

The concept of beneficiary under this law includes both, direct victims who suffer personal injury as well as those dependent on the deceased in cases resulting in death.

Regarding the quantification of the financial assistance, this will be assessed in accordance with the parameters set by the legislation of the Social Security, fixing maximum amounts. These maximum amounts will be moderated in accordance to the economic situation of the victim, the number of people dependent on her financially and the extent of damage suffered.

The same approach is followed in the event of death, a fix a maximum amount will be set and moderating factors will be applied on it.

The management of this system is entrusted to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the finantial assistance is conditional, as a rule, to the final judgment terminating the criminal proceedings.

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