Personal Injury

We have a longstanding experience in Personal Injury claims arising from accidents, which result in damage or injuries being caused, either within a contractual relationship or based on tort, at national and international level. We understand the real impact that the injury or illness can have on the victim and his/her family.

Equipo de profesionales especializados en daños personales

Our team will advise you on your claim for damages from the moment in which the incident occurs to, if necessary, the point when it may become necessary to issue court proceedings, in order to obtain compensation to repair the damage suffered.

Valoración de sus daños personales

Within this process, and with the collaboration of specialists in the different fields of medicine, we will asses in all detail the full extent of the damage, analysing in detail all the implications of the same, both on a physical or psychological level and in what concern the economic impact.

Negociamos con las compañias de seguros

We will also try to negotiate with the insurance companies involved the amount of compensation due, lodging the relevant court claim if the claim cannot be settled out of court.

We are committed to providing our clients with clear, straightforward advice for them to understand the process of making a personal injury claim in Spain. Our specialist team, with second to none expertise in personal injury claims in Spain, will put together your case with the aim of trying to achieve the best results possible for you. Our expert lawyers will ensure you receive empathetic and professional advice at each stage which always puts your best interests first. We know what positive action to take to make a difference to your claim.

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