Our team has extensive experience advising both personal and family levels, in the following taxes, matters or actions:

Inheritances: Application of the testator's wills, tax planning before and after death, and fulfillment of formal obligations.

Tax advise to individual members of common property, civil societies, commercial company or any other type of company.

Inspection, limited verification, verification of data, and verification of values procedures.

Specific consultations and reports on the following taxes:

  • Inheritance and gift tax (ISD): individual and family tax planning.
  • Personal income tax (IRPF.): reduction of personal taxation and compliance with tax obligations.
  • Tax on property transfers and documented legal acts (ITP and AJD): purchase of real estate, execution of deeds.
  • Income Tax for non-residents (IRNR): foreign investment in Spain.
  • Local taxes: Property taxes (IBI), IIVTNU (Tax on Increase of Urban Land), IAE (Tax on Economic Activities).

Personal tax planning: Organisation and maximization of personal assets and investments. Creation of holding companies for company succession. As well as, family/assets tax optimization.

Cadastral procedures: Revision of the rise in values, appeals before securities presentations, rectification of errors in the cadastre, and matching information between registry and cadastre.

Savings through inheritance tax planning based on the reductions established in our law, especially the so-called "family business".

Criminal Tax Law: Tax savings in Socio-Company taxation in the distribution of dividends and future investments.