Jorge Salaverry


Jorge Salaverry

Experiencia profesional: 

Jorge Salaverry was the Ambassador of Nicaragua to Spain and Morocco from 2003 to 2007. Once his diplomatic mission was over he took up residence in Madrid, dedicating himself to business consulting and the analysis of international economic and political issues. He has dual nationality: Nicaraguan and Spanish.


Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo



1971 - 1980


Ambassador Salaverry began his career in Nicaragua in 1971, where he held executive positions at the Bank of America and Caley Dagnall Group for nine years.

1980 - 1986

Vicopro, Inc.

Wilmington (Delaware)

investment analyst

1986 - 1993

Washington, D.C.

He worked as a political analyst for Latin American Affairs at the Heritage Foundation and as a consultant to the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

During this period he also directed the Financial Deregulation Project of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

1990 - 1992

Embajada de Nicaragua en Washington.

Minister Counselor.

1993 - 1996

Diario La Tribuna


he was the editor of Diario La Tribuna and directed the Eurocentre for Business Cooperation, an institution dedicated to the promotion of European investment in Nicaragua.

1996 - 2003


Ambassador Salaverry directed and ran the social communications area of the winning Liberal Alliance party in 1996 and was an advisor to the President of the Republic. During this time, he was a professor at the Thomas More University, a columnist and member of the Editorial Board of the newspaper La Prensa, and a collaborator of the Inter American Economic Press Agency (AIPE). He was also a member of the Council of Economic and Social Planning (CONPES) and a frequent participant in radio and television programs, in which he analyzed economic and political developments in Nicaragua and around the world.

Ambassador Salaverry is perfectly fluent in English and very well acquainted with the culture and ways of conducting business in the United States and Latin America. He keeps excellent ties in the United States and in the diplomatic corps accredited to Spain, in the Spanish government and in the Latin American business and government sectors.

He has been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel La Católica and is Knight of the Hispanic American Chapter of Corpus Christi in Toledo.

Formación Académica: 

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara


Degree in Business Administration.

University of Delaware

Estados Unidos

Diploma in Development and Evaluation of Investment Projects and a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics.