We promote autonomy, diversity, and the freedom of talent to create an environment that fosters creative thinking.

We are looking for talent

As our team is our main asset, one of our most important tasks is the rigorous and careful selection of lawyers and professionals who join our team.

In addition to knowledge, training, and experience, the Firm also values other qualities in its lawyers, such as integrity, honesty, tolerance, a sense of service, their teamwork abilities, and their capacity to create a positive work environment.

The Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo School

We foster talent through our own academic program.

We aim to revolutionize legal education with a unique added value—a training that goes beyond studying Law, but also focuses on learning to become a lawyer through full immersion in the real world of high-level professional practice. As part of our Lawyers in training, you will be actively involved in the daily activities of The Firm, gaining practical experience under the guidance of several of the most prestigious and experienced national and international jurists.

This system empowers students to work as lawyers from day one, enabling them for international practice, acquiring techniques and skills inherent to professional practice, and successfully facing the most current challenges in the legal profession.

In total, over two thousand students have participated in various training activities at Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo in the last ten years.

Join Cremades & Calvo Sotelo

We favor family values and the balance between personal and professional life.


We believe in innovation as an attitude, as it takes us beyond the expected.


We value talent and experience, embracing contributions from diverse perspectives.