A responsible firm

The Firm constantly undertakes pro bono work. These activities respond to our commitment to a diverse society and support groups and communities in need of strengthening their legal framework and capacity to act. See our pro bono sections:

Leopoldo López´s Defense

Political prisoner in Venezuela, sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment.

The law firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo assumed the leadership of a Legal Manifesto in favor of his release, signed by more than 1000 jurists and personalities of the political and business life around the world. Javier Cremades has joined the legal team defending the dissident Leopoldo López in an act of high commitment, highlighting “that the Venezuelan politician’s cause is ‘a global cause’ that represents that of all prisoners of conscience worldwide”.

Hispanic-Jewish Foundation

A civic and business platform whose objective is to help in activities of general interest on artistic, cultural, and social matters. It also promotes relations between Israel, Spain and Latin America through their respective Jewish Communities.


Commitment to the development of civil society

Javier Cremades is committed to the development of civil society and is a member of several international associations.

Javier Cremades has been an Eisenhower Fellow since 1998. He has also been Chapter Chairman in Spain of the YPO-WPO (Young Presidents’ Organization of the World Presidents’ Organization), a non-profit organization of young presidents of companies for the development of leadership through education and the exchange of experiences.

"The Declaration of Human Rights shall be universal and shall apply to all persons, without discrimination of any kind, and in all territories, regardless of their political or economic regime."
—Rene Cassin
French Jurist and Judge