We have a team of highly qualified professionals in regulatory matters and all legal or economic branches of the energy business . At Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados we accompany and respond to the different challenges of our clients. 

Our multidisciplinary vocation is carried out through specific legal teams composed of professionals from various departments, allowing us to address the changing needs of the sector. Our dedication and impact on this sector, characterized by its evolving regulations, were precisely the seeds for our Master in Business and Energy Law. Created in collaboration with major companies in the sector, it is one of the most prestigious and oldest master’s programs in our country.

We offer advice on regulatory aspects of the electricity sectors (generation, in particular, renewable energy), and its trade and transmission (in particular, trading, access to networks, storage, transportation and distribution), gas and oil (in particular, transportation and purchase/sale) in commercial and corporate aspects, project financing, contracting, as well as in conflict resolution through litigation or arbitration in the energy sector.

The Firm’s professional development has been acquiring resounding maturity through its activity, directly and indirectly, in favor of many companies, investment funds, financial entities and governments involved in the energy world.