At Cremades Calvo Sotelo we know that a legal proceeding to regulate a marital breakup can have multiple consequences that will affect the future and family relationships.

Our team of specialized lawyers will find an effective solution to resolve any conflict that may arise.

In addition, our team of professionals intervenes in procedures in which an international component is present where the knowledge of the European regulations and the different international treaties becomes very relevant when advising in relation to the questions derived both from a marriage and from the consequences of a divorce or a couple’s breakup.

Our experience in Family law includes the following:

  • Separations, divorces, civil and canonical annulments.
  • Custody and visitation.
  • Compensatory pension and alimony.
  • Liquidation of economic regime and distribution of assets.
  • Covenants and prenuptial agreements.
  • Cohabitation contracts.
  • Actions for recognition of children and filiation.
  • Guardianship
  • International divorces.
  • Recognition and enforcement in Spain of judgments issued by foreign courts.