Digitalization has facilitated the diversification and emergence of startups, enriching the productive fabric and increasing competitiveness. The industrial orientation of our firm has positioned us as a valuable reference in this context, allowing us to participate in unique projects.

In their early stages, entrepreneurs face many challenges and require guidance in launching their business projects. We understand that startups need full legal security for the proper implementation and development of their companies, enabling them to direct and optimize all their resources towards what truly matters: business success.

Our firm assists startups through the Department of Legal Audit and Consulting for Startups (DALCS). We analyze their legal situation with a particular focus on the economic sector in which they operate. We identify risks, resolve disputes, correct actions taken, establish corporate structure and governance bodies, design investment structures, manage capital expansion, draft contracts (including financing agreements), process grants (such as ENISA), negotiate convertible and participatory loans, and much more. Additionally, within our institutional and corporate network, we assist in the search for investors and offer guidance on marketing and business plans.