At Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados we have consolidated experience advising companies and individuals related to the Media and the Entertainment Industry. We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with great knowledge of the current technological reality who stand out in advising press editors; film and television production companies; record and show production companies; branded content, marketing, and advertising agencies. We not only provide legal advice in the corporate operations of the sector but also in the development of its regulatory and commercial matters and in the relations of these entities with consumers and users.

Our services, thanks to the team's specialization in a large number of areas of law, also include advice in contractual and procedural areas, regarding:

  • Marketing and Advertising (Compliance with advertising and commercial communications regulations, Protection of content, Consumer Protection and Protection of Image and Advertising Rights, Commercial channels and programmes or Communication and representation of artists, athletes, as well as associations operating in these areas),
  • Internet operations (websites, online stores, shopping centers, distribution of content through social media and other platforms, regulatory compliance, etc.),
  • Investment, disinvestment, purchase and joint ventures of companies in the TMT industry.
  • Computing (software protection, license agreements, hardware agreements and IT audits).
  • Contractual issues (Negotiation of contracts, Assignment and exploitation of image rights, production, co-production and distribution of audiovisual content, commercial channels and programmes, record labels, sponsorship, merchandising, franchising, agency and representation, telesales and electronic sales, association agreements and affiliation of broadcasters, participation in competitions or regulatory compliance)…